Medibiome is a knowledge and research company that helps customers from throughout the world conduct non-animal testing methods. We build our approach around our outstanding knowledge about testing and product development. We tailor our methods to the specific needs of each of our customers, thus enabling the swift process from idea to market.

Our areas of expertise

Research consultancy

Academic and industry expertise ensures accurate results

Scientific and business insights

Let us help you create a testing method that is perfectly tailored to your project

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Biocompatibility testing

Our safety tests can be conducted quickly and are cost-efficient

Alternative test methods

Medibiome offers standardized, published or novel non-animal-based methods
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Medical device

Infection control and wound healing studies are at the core of our business

Industry knowledge

Insights and experience from hundreds of customer projects

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Hygiene and Cosmetics

Extensive experience from multiple development projects

Human live skin knowledge

Medibiome offers skin care analyses based on human ex vivo and in vitro skin models.
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Medical writing

We have considerable experience in writing research-related documents

Medical writing

Research-related documents, Biocompatibility evaluations, educational and promotional literature.
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How can we help you?


We are dedicated to our customers & our research

Simply put, we focus on making our customers successful in every project.


Our aim is to generate relevant research without compromising fundamental ethical principles. Our customers not only obtain tested, functional products, but they also are able to communicate their ethical stance in order to gain a competitive edge. Customer benefits,  product function and safety are always in focus.

At Medibiome, we strive to replace animal testing in an effort to reduce the pain inflicted on animals. We are also working to develop and apply methods that are more relevant to humans than the animal methods that are currently conducted. Animal testing is often criticized for its lack of predictability in a clinical reality. Our methods are instead based on cells and synthetic or explanted human tissue, which means that the methods are done in vitro (on the laboratory bench) or ex vivo (explanted human skin used on the laboratory bench).

Dr. Blom, Medibiome’s Founder, Owner and Head of Research, began developing new test methods when she was a PhD student. She also developed methods and technical platforms in her work for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, GA, and in her international research on cancer, metabolic diseases, and infections. Her talent to develop novel test methods has resulted in the publication of several of these methods. Read more about Dr. Blom.

While conducting research at AstraZeneca and in her role as Scientist, and later Medical Director, at Mölnlycke Health Care, Dr. Blom gained insight into the needs of the market. She observed that there was no independent, professional research laboratory that was able to utilize both customized and relevant methods while also understanding both the manufacturers’ and the market’s requirements from a business perspective. There was a need for a stand-alone partner that could deliver trustworthy results as well as improved, more effective products in the long term. The result was Medibiome.

Since 2010 Medibiome has supplied customers within the life sciences industry, such as medical device companies, hygiene and cosmetics companies and universities, with effective research using alternative, ethical methods combined with consultancy services and medical writing. Together with our customers we are supporting the development of safe products that have the potential to improve everyone’s quality of life.

Customer testimonial

Medibiome enables us to take our research from in vitro to ex vivo; from basic experiments to relevant biological settings, thus enabling us to ask more complex scientific questions. Due to the expertise, excellent time management, and genuine positive attitude of Dr. Blom and her team, we truly enjoyed working with Medibiome, resulting in a publication in the Nature journal Scientific Reports ( With every science project having its individual challenges, it is imperative to work with open-minded companies, and companies that put the customer first-hand, finding solutions to their specific problems. Medibiome offered all of the above, and beyond what we were asking for. We are thus eager to continue working with Medibiome, to continue producing high-quality research.
Dr. Rolf Lood, Principal Investigator, Lund University, medicine

Customer testimonial

Medibiome provides high-quality professional services that are invaluable complements to our in-house testing resources. You are very knowledgeable in your area of expertise and continuously design novel test models with added complexity, approaching in vivo testing. This is of great value for us both doing functionality studies of new product concepts as well as testing for biocompatibility data. Medibiome is always helpful and adaptive to our needs and timely with final draft of test reports. I look forward to further opportunities for working with you and your team in the future.
Dr. Maria Werthén, Senior Scientist, R&D, Mölnlycke Health Care
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